Diabetes: Technology-enabled Transformation of diabetes foot service

The challenge

  • 1,000 people with a Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) at any given time
  • 6,000 people with diabetes have leg, foot or toe amputations each year in England – many avoidable
  • Improving DFU outcomes can avoid amputations, improve quality of life and mortality
  • Total NHS spending on ulceration and amputation estimated at £651m
  • 50% of foot care expenditure in diabetes is for primary, community and outpatient care

Innovation deployed

  • Technology-enabled new model of care: 3D wound imaging and information system – Silhouette®. Enabling routine DFU treatment to be delivered in the community
  • SilhouetteStar camera uses laser-assisted 3D measurement technology to accurately map wound size, enabling clinicians to assess wound progress and response to treatment with objective data
  • Supports reliable, reproducible and remote monitoring and management of patients with active DFU and chronic complex wounds

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