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eMaps – a knowledge hub for life science innovators

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eMaps – a knowledge hub for life science innovators

Getting products to patients can be a long and expensive journey for life science innovators. Navigating complex pathways through each stage of the journey requires significant expertise, knowledge and investment. Regulatory hurdles, delays in reimbursement, and regional variations in adoption often leads to issues for cash-strapped, time-poor innovators. Based on extensive experience working with innovators, the Oxford Academic Health Science Network recognised a need for tools to provide support with signposting, navigation, networking and knowledge sharing.

To address this need, we have developed the eMaps platform: A market access knowledge hub for life science innovators which:

  • saves you time, effort and money when developing your market access strategy
  • maximises the efficiency of each stage of the process by highlighting key considerations for your technology
  • helps you avoid common mistakes and reinventing the wheel.

eMaps aims to help you understand your optimal pathway to market, and ensure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to bring innovations to patients in the most efficient way possible. The platform offers modular information about the pathways to market for digital health, medical devices and diagnostics, and biotech products with content developed with a consortium of expert partners from key global markets.

eMaps will equip you to navigate regulation, pricing, reimbursement and adoption and provides tools and exercises to help you define your value proposition. Core parts of the market access pathway are broken down into discrete components that you can easily digest – all framed in a way that helps you understand specifically what the information means to you, your organisation and the products or services you are looking to bring to the market.

Access to the modules is provided on a subscription basis so you can access the information for as long as you need to. eMaps modules are currently available for the UK with additional modules for the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Denmark coming online later.

Register now at www.emaps.co

Download the emaps flyer here

For further information contact [email protected]


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