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eMAPS- Knowledge Hub for Industry and Clinical Innovators

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eMAPS- Knowledge Hub for Industry and Clinical Innovators

It is well-recognised that navigating the barriers to market access in different EU member states is a significant challenge for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Variations in healthcare funding, organisations, infrastructure, and reimbursement processes make penetrating EU markets a complex process. Through an EIT Health Funded project, the Oxford Academic Health Science Network; Achmea and the Karolinska Institute have been developing a web based e-learning platform that helps guide innovators through the market specific challenges in several EU member states. The platform eMAPs provides innovators key information on regulation, market sizing, developing market specific value propositions, and navigating national and regional reimbursement processes. Currently the platform cover the UK, Netherlands and Sweden but in time will include France, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark.

The website and e-learning platform will go live in Q1 2018 but for now users can access a visual introduction to the web platform below

James Rose from the Oxford AHSN recently chaired a session at the EIT Health Summit on Reimbursement in Europe. The slides from James’ talk can be also be downloaded here.

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