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Supporting the implementation of FallSafe care bundles

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Supporting the implementation of FallSafe care bundles

Leads from Buckinghamshire Healthcare, Oxford University Hospitals, Great Western Hospitals, Berkshire Healthcare and Oxford Health met in May 2016 to decide on the aims of this falls prevention project. These were agreed as follows:

Deliverables Progress
To initially review falls services across the Oxford AHSN region.
To conduct a literature review on falls prevention innovations and collation of best practice in falls prevention work locally, nationally and internationally.
To select an evidence based innovation/innovations for implementation across the region.
For the CIA Programme to work with trusts to implement the selected innovation/innovations as appropriate for their care setting.

The project has established a Falls Prevention Best Practice Group and agreed that the project would support trusts to implement or improve utilisation rates of FallSafe care bundles. “FallSafe” is a quality improvement approach supporting frontline staff to deliver evidence-based falls prevention initiatives, providing multi-factorial assessments and interventions that identify and treat the underlying reasons for falls. This approach has been shown to reduce falls on hospital wards by around 25%.

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